Blüte, 2005

“Bl├╝te” is the German word for the blooming part of the flower. It means as well counterfeit money. In the commercial field, a prosperous market is “blooming”.

This ring lets blossoms grow between the fingers. The pin represents a single flower, which can be attached to clothing with the needle (materials: copper coins and red plastic tube).


Porte- Monnaie, 2006

The inspiration for this work was provided by the 18th century “stocking purse”: consisting of a long crocheted or knitted sheath, closed at both ends and carried in the middle, where money could be dropped in an opening towards one of the 2 sides.

The bag of my purse (25 cm x 19 cm) is a shell of a hand made fabric from used, dark socks with some black cotton lining inside.

Bag snaps are traditionally made from metal: I shaped copper coins as petals and soldered them together. The snap is about 9 cm large.