spare gifts

Although destruction seems to be more and more part of the world as it is today, we hope to identify needs and to provide ourselves the possibility to remodel our environment: I believe that it always feels right to us to rebuild, complete and produce things in a constructive way.

The idea of the missing, in fact, the endeavour to replace what has disappeared, is strongly represented in this work.

To me, the somehow evident types of jewellery to visualise this concept are earrings: conventionally, they appear as a set presenting a reciprocal influence, even interdependence, in colour, material, or shape. If one part has vanished, the pair is torn apart; its connection seems cut and waiting for further completion/to be nevertheless completed.

My curiosity for fragments, abandoned materials, and lost bits stimulates the emotive qualities, which I want to make use of to fabricate an additional adornment. I let the intention put in the piece be transported from the already existing, leftover piece to the new one and wish that the viewer experienced in what way that object has been (hand-) made.

To the vulnerable, unappreciated I oppose something extra, odd, playful, organic. I hope that, a powerful, more resilient relationship between the two parts will as well emerge from this process.