repairing the impact

in this life, things get continually broken and reassembled anew. when looking around at what surrounds us, we only partially experience the things of our environment. we fill a room or an object with what we see and sense and try, like this, to get in touch with them.

i am fascinated by matters with a past – like remnants or forgotten stuff, fragments and other miserable, abstract bits and look for what has been unnoticed or forgotten, thrown away or destroyed.

i attempt to develop a similar language through exploring banal, characterless, so far unnoticed substances as, to me, they are suggesting a potential, a jewellery quality, under their surface. my works gain structure and shape through a diversity of treatments, from a careful manual process to a random gesture, which i may also have determined outside the workshop, a “craft behaviour”. my aim is that the resulting pieces become a substitute for the noble materials of high-end aesthetics and as a consequence, underpin questions about value.

i hence invite you to escape the limited perspective of the individual and the paradoxes of everyday life with versatility and wilfulness: the pieces of this series suggest possibilities of how to apprehend a different order, asserting the human element of the hand.